Should energy drinks have an age limit?

In America over 2.5 billion energy drinks are sold all over the world.

These energy drinks are usually purchased to give people energy.  Energy drinks like monsters, Rockstars, red bull, and venom are the most common ones that are bought daily.  They have recently been the most popular at bars; the drinks are being mixed with alcohol to create some different kind of high that alcohol does not provide by itself.

These energy drinks have about 295 milligrams of caffeine and that is about 2-3 servings of coffee per 8 ounces.  There is 30 milligrams of sugar in one 8-ounce can.  The bigger the can the more consumption of caffeine is being consumed into the body.  There are more ingredients that are not mentioned on the labels that are unnatural to the body.

Almost more than half of the sales are teenager’s ages 18 and younger.  About 20,000 people have made it to the emergency room, because if these energy drinks and a quarter of them are teenagers that die from energy drinks in a year.

Energy drinks need to put more restrictions on energy drinks.  Their needs to be more labels on the energy drinks to provide customers with the information, before they decide to buy them.  Health is not the issue; these energy drinks are harmful regardless of health issues.

As for children that are under the age of 18, these energy drinks need to have an age limit on them, because the death toll is rising.  Their parents do not monitor these teenagers.  Parents should also be aware of what their children are buying.  If the United States puts an age limit on these energy drinks and parents are more aware this outbreak than we will have less death rates.