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Society succumbs to another Black Friday

Black Friday is a dark event that loves to rain all over Thanksgiving’s parade and it’s pretty sad.

Years after years, people all over the world celebrate Thanksgiving to be with family and friends realizing they’re truly blessed despite life’s obstacles. Not to mention the never ending feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, ham and the list goes on.

Then there’s Black Friday, the annual Thanksgiving destroyer that tempts retail shoppers to the

“greatest offers of the year” having to spend the week’s holiday in a tent waiting for stores to open.

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Most retailers open after midnight, but others open at 8 p.m.; right at the Thanksgiving dinner slot making people ditch the appetite and head to the stores.

All hell breaks loose when the doors pave the way for madness with people running from left to right fighting for the last plasma, Xbox, or computer.

Eventually, the whole trip to the store becomes disappointing because everything people looked for is gone making them angry.

Sadly, some people get arrested in the process and ruin their night during the catastrophic event

The hyped event may have the best offers of the year, but everything will be cheaper in January.

That is if people are willing to wait, but I’m not so confident about that.

Why would people spoil the yearly tradition of spending quality time with loved ones for items that will remain at stores? Black Friday totally ruined the Thanksgiving tradition badly.

The November holiday gives people a chance to leave problems behind and be happy, but Black Friday is another story.

The shoppers haven’t ate or slept for a while making them cranky by the time the stores open following long hours just to pay; what a way of spending the holidays.

None of this would happen if people stayed at home and had a great time being inside a warm

home eating, laughing, and drinking.

The Black Friday anticipation becomes regret. Many Black Friday employers would love to be with family during Thanksgiving but unfortunately, life is not fair. Many workers probably question why people are at stores and not at home. It would be interesting if the workers and shoppers swapped lives in order for late night shoppers to value Thanksgiving.

Black Friday shoppers don’t realize how lucky they are of having the opportunity of being with family, rather replacing the special moment for a single night of insanity.

Unlike Black Friday, Thanksgiving is a holiday that money can’t buy. There’s no price tag on family, friends, or quality time.

If Black Friday is all about getting the gadgets, those items will be in the store regardless of

running out of inventory because more items will come. There’s always the right time for everything, and Dark Friday is not acceptable on Thanksgiving.

Keeping the November holiday tradition is important and excluding the Black Friday hype is necessary.

How hard is it to shop at another day thats not Thursday night? The decision will always be yours.

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