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The return and uprising of drop outs

Some people drop out due to lack of funds because of unemployment, busy schedule, or not being able to handle all the workload that comes with college. It seems there are barely any people who completely finish their college education 100%.

College life can be stressful for students, because of research papers that are due, finances that cost you, family you need to tend to, and social life that you feel barely exists, all this has to be dealt with. Some students have to go to work in order to be able to buy their school materials. It is a lot of pressure to be working and going to school with hardly any social life and it can really stress out students.

A reason that may answer why students drop out could be due to the lack of funds since a lot of young people entering college come from low-income families or they are first generation college students. Many students first entering college are unemployed and may be dependent on financial aid which is good enough to cover a couple things but not it all, mostly covering school necessities.   Outside of college there are things to pay for such as travel expenses, health related issues that may arrive anytime. There’s also students who want to become more independent and be able to pay for their phones, buy their own food, clothes, and get their own place. It seems like there’s no other choice but to drop out and work full time.

A student may also face a lot of pressure during their college years. They feel stressed out due to the demand to get good grades and just thinking too much about the future. Many of them might not be able to sleep right or develop anxiety disorders. I would agree with this because my first year of college, I would feel pressured to try keeping my grades up in my English 101 class and I couldn’t sleep well. I ended up having an eating disorder, too. I soon ended up retaking and passing my English 101 class, but I’ll never forget how much pressure it was.

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Research papers and presentations can cause tremendous pressure on students, especially since a lot of them deal have the habit of procrastination in which causes them to remain up late at night always doing typing their papers, oftentimes not getting enough sleep and constantly showing up to school tired. College papers are a bit different than high school papers and new college students aren’t always use to this kind of work.

In conversations recently  with friends my age who I have been out of touch for a while, when the question of what have they been up to comes up most of them usually say something along the lines of, “I’m always busy since I go to school and work now” or “just work full time and hardly spend time with their loved ones.”

They have anxiety from wanting to hang out with their friends and family, but they have to achieve well in what they do whether it’s only school, only work, or both because they have themselves to think of as individuals plus wanting to impress their family or in some cases provide for them. Reality hits home for a lot of students and when it comes time to focus on it, students may need to come to the harsh reality of priorities.

Students tend to get distracted, while in college when people start to fall in love and meet their significant other. Love can end up becoming heartbreak and the students can end up not being focused on their academics and keep reminiscing too much on past memories they feel the need to drop out.

Making the transition from high school or whatever it was you were doing that took most of your time, it isn’t the same now. College has required times regardless if you come up the hill or kick back on a computer with an online class, you’re attention is needed.  So your other goals and desires may not become achieved while attending school but they might not have if you never touched a college application. It all is depending on you, everyone knows that Steve Jobs and Bill gates, the pioneers of the technology age, and probably someone you admire too never finished college.  If you know what you want and going to college for a certain ammount of years with you giving it enough attention to sustain the knowledge you need to keep moving forward to your educational goal then being in school is  a wise choice.

If your dream doesn’t require you to attend school so urgently then maybe it is something you should slowly ease into by just checking it out, having a once a week class because it is an opportunity you may need now but it can be an advantage in the future.

People entering college for the first time should really think about the type of responsibility that they are going to be entering. they should first talk to counselors about their goals and the type of classes they need to take. It’s also important to fill out the deadlines for financial aid on time so they can be able to pay for their tuition. Students shouldn’t also be stressing themselves out by picking out a lot of classes each semester to graduate quicker.

Make sure not to spend the financial aid foolishly and save up money as much as possible to be able to afford things that need to be paid for.

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