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A technologically susceptible generation

Sometime this past week, I stopped at the local grocery store to grab a snack. I noticed, while eating in my car, a family of four steps out of their car.

The smallest member of the family, no older than about twelve years old, was doing something on a smart phone when she bumped right into my car. I did not know whether I should laugh or pretend like I didn’t notice. This incident really got me thinking about how much we, as a society, use our phones, tablets, IPods etc.

This century brought along the world’s most used items, including the internet and smart phones.

Tablets, smart phones, and laptops are literally found everywhere now, from cafes to classrooms.

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The “era of technology” has made information and communication so much easier and more accessible. Though electronics bring many positives, it also causes quite a few drawbacks; daily life will never be the same. Hangouts and sleepovers have gone from pillow fights and make-overs, to gossiping about someone’s social network posts and looking up pointless (yet funny) videos.

Social media and texting also have created trust issues resulting in friendships and relationships falling apart.

Sad to say that many people, myself included, would be utterly lost without technology. The American people are so accustomed to the liberty of having information and entertainment at the tip of their fingers. I feel like the amount of time we spend using technology, sometimes inhibits our ability to actually connect and get to know other people.

Online dating, for example, is supposed to help and ease the troubles of real life dating. The problem is that anyone can enter false information about them and sound good on paper(or on screen). One cannot really get to know someone’s soul unless time is spent in person, face to face.

Not too long ago, I took a two day vacation in which I shut my phone off the entire time. I realized then how hooked I am to social media, because it killed me not being able to post pictures of what I was doing.  As a journalist, I know firsthand how hard it is to not use technology 24/7. My field, especially, requires that I am aware of everything going on in the world. Once I finally got over the phobia of being away from my phone, I was finally able to really enjoy my vacation and get closer to my family and boyfriend. So if the busy journalist can learn to put down her phone every once and a while, the rest of the world should have no problem following suit.

I know it may be difficult to go through your daily routine without making your phone or other electronic devices a priority considering we have to answer reply to texts, emails and stay in contact with people but try to regulate it the best you can. It’s sort of like trying to better your eating habits or become more physical it takes time to adjust and become accustomed to the changes. Start off by cutting off technology usage when it shouldn’t be used like in meetings but especially in movies when you are told not use your damn phone plenty of times beforehand.

Next, you need to realize what your device is actually used for, it’s good to contact people when you have to like for work and school but when busy friends can wait. Also realize that you don’t need to listen to pandora or play candy crush 24/7, there are appropriate times to do so like when you have nothing to do not when your walking in a parking lot or out in dinner with family.

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