How ‘American’ Does Miss America Need to be?

By now, you’ve all taken some sort of history class so I’ll spare you the boring details, but if I may remind you that our founding fathers rebelled and fought with all their might for America’s freedom, thus the birth of “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Since then, the United States became the home of people from all different kinds of backgrounds and roots.  This includes the newly crowned Miss America, Miss New York’s Nina Davuluri; she is the first Indian American woman to win this pageant.

Sadly, within moments of Davuluri’s crowning, twitter erupted with thousands of derogatory comments. Most tweets, if not all, had something to do with Davuluri’s Indian descent and how a “foreigner” won Miss America. Here’s the part I don’t get, Davuluri was born and raised in the state of New York, making her an American woman. So, why the hell are people ranting and complaining? Davuluri worked damn hard and has every right to the Miss America title. I admire this woman and I am ashamed that people think she isn’t “American” enough.

I’ve read most of the “hate tweets” and am completely appalled with the mindsets of these people. A lot of the tweets said something like “this is America, not India,” or “Miss Al Qaeda.” Someone even had the nerve to tweet “How the f**k does a foreigner win miss America? She is a Arab! #idiots.” Seriously? First off, Davuluri isn’t Arabian she is Indian moron. I understand that most Arabians inhabit parts of Western Asia and Northern Africa (close to India), but this doesn’t change the fact that India is a totally different country. Second, the correct way to phrase that last sentence is “she is an Arab.”  Who is the grammatically incorrect “idiot” now?

Personally, I think Miss America as a whole is stupid. Though I heavily respect the women that participate, I feel it promotes the wrong idea to young girls. Also, it would not have mattered if Davuluri were of Mexican, Middle Eastern, or Columbian descent, the point is she was born in America and is Indian American. I’m willing to bet that every person that tweeted something disrespectful about Davuluri is mixed with another race.

So please enlighten me on why Davuluri doesn’t deserve to be Miss America and why she is, according to some, a “foreigner”? Yes, her skin is not white and nor is she blonde, get over it. For crying out loud we have an African American President. A person’s skin color and ancestry does not determine their success or failure, I firmly believe Davuluri deserves the Miss America title because she is the perfect example of what “Miss America” is supposed to be.

Davuluri is incredibly beautiful, talented, and extremely compassionate. She’s done her fair share of philanthropy and absolutely loves sports, how much more American can she get?  I applaud the way she renounced these comments saying, “I always viewed myself as first and foremost American.”

With the way people are in America these days, Miss America may have well been honey boo-boo’s mom: white, blonde, overweight, and on a reality television show. I just cannot wrap my head around how much more ignorant these people have made America sound. Congratulations to everyone that insulted Davuluri with their remarks, you have officially lost my respect. America is supposed to be the “Land of the free” and “home of the brave,” but is more like the “land of douche-bags” and “home of the ignorant.”