Trayvon Martin decision initiates controversy

On July 13, 2013, George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the case involving the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Many viewers tuned in to watch the verdict on television. Some were in favor of the jury’s decision while some of course were not.

The verdict of the case brought anger to some Trayvon Martin supporters who decided to demonstrate that anger by performing acts of vandalism in the streets of Los Angeles that in my opinion, were not necessary.

It’s perfectly okay to disagree with the decision that other make and to voice our opinion in regards to it.

Resorting to violence and vandalism is a negative act that many Americans citizens take in order to express their feelings toward the outcome of something.

I don’t think it’s ever necessary to damage property or even put innocent bystanders in the way of danger, like what we witnessed in Los Angeles just a week ago.

I was glad to see, however, other protests that were a lot more peaceful in comparison to the one that took place July 16. It’s unfortunate to have had witnessed such acts of vandalism which could have had more of a positive outcome instead of property being destroyed and people being taken into custody.

I doubt that these types of disruptive protest will ever stop from occurring as they have been for the past few decades. Though, I am hoping that some people will realize that there are peaceful ways of expressing your thoughts and feelings toward the outcome of a situation, like the verdict we witnessed on July 13.

Although the verdict of the case may have been tough to accept by some, its important to understand that the factors involved in determining the verdict are based on evidence and testimony and not by personal decisions.