Sandy ravages NY

About a couple weeks ago, it was a very sad day in America because there was a Hurricane called Sandy, which was much bigger then Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans.

It caused so much destruction stretching from New York to New Jersey. Sandy caused floods in underground subways, killed millions of rats, and totaled many cars that were submerged, destroyed property, and even killed dozens of people.

It’s pretty sad because people had nowhere to go once the storm had calmed. Many lost their homes because they were totally demolished; people’s treasured moments were lost or damaged.

In the masses, citizens were crying and wailing for their lost. Some in the drowning of cries were walking it off thinking hard of what they should do because of either loss of homes, businesses, cars, etc.

One of the huge complaints was the outage of power to the buildings in the area because it’s such a vital source of living. Some were able to just live through the night with just a candle as their light source and some books in their unharmed homes.

Among the chaos, groups of people were raging over how Red Cross didn’t come to their rescue for many days. Red Cross replied that they would come; it took them about four days till the rescue for them to be able to fly over to New York.

I don’t understand why would they complain, it was too dangerous to deploy Red Cross especially when the storm did not calm for a long while, since they were traveling by plane. The storm didn’t calm for a few days, so there were expected dangers with Sandy when flying in the air. I wouldn’t have wanted to fly either if that would cause more possible unnecessary deaths. Amidst this chaos, there is something positive that came out though. People were in union, staying strong and people came together. Besides the few occurrences of looting that occurred, it was good though that they are recovering well from this disaster.