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‘Chromebook’ is a sleek choice

Recently, I discovered a laptop called the Chromebook offered from Samsung.

It’s cool, sleek and reminds me of a MacBook Air, design wise.

The pricing on this sleek machine is $249, which is amazing because laptops that look this good, would make you think otherwise.

What’s under the hood you might ask?

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Well let’s start off by looking at the battery power. It is said to last an estimate of 6.5 hours, while most other brand laptops can only last half that, unless driven in a low power use which means lowering the brightness screen to almost barely readable screens. According to one reviewer, he was able to use the laptop for almost 6 hours if you left the brightness at 70 percent or lower, which is amazing since most laptops like my HP dies in a couple hours even if the brightness is lower than 40 percent

With that kind of battery life, this makes it a very mobile laptop due to its lightweight body of 2.4 pounds. I myself hate carrying heavy products on the go especially something electronic, this is a big plus of the product for me.

It also has dual Wi-fi, which I like because signals can be so frustrating to find, what this does is use two signal finders instead of one. So in case one signal cannot find connection in a certain direction, the other signal finder can look for an alternative signal that’s stronger.

What I dislike about the laptop is it contains only about 16 gigabytes of internal storage, but it does come with 100 gigabytes of online storage for free for about 2 years when you purchase it.

It has a lot of positive key features like 3.0 USB and Bluetooth, which are new generation hardware that translates to faster speeds when using these to connect with your other electronic devices.

It also has an internal camera too, if you like to Skype or just record for the sake of recording.

The big downside to it is it won’t play the best games or have the most applications to use.

Since this is a Linux-based OS, it will be able to download programs via the web through the android marketplace, which is still growing.

The sound system isn’t the best, due to the fact it costs one-third of what a full-fledged laptop would cost.

So to my conclusion if you are a student or someone who just wants to type essays, browse the web, and just the general school projects or anything in similar, then this laptop is for you.

My tip for if you do buy a Chromebook, buy a 1 terabyte external hard drive and use that instead of paying for future online storage from Google and that would save you lots in the future.

Happy chroming.


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