Wrongfully terminated over revealing photos

In New York City there is a female counselor who used to work for different schools over there, helping students for over a dozen years.

Her name is Tiffani Webb, she was just your ordinary counselor you would probably meet when you needed help for certain subjects. Until a couple days before her payday, she was fired over her seductive photos from the past, which went on the web. She was fired from Murry Bergtraum High School.

According to her the photos were from her modeling career many years ago. The many images that were posted over the Internet were customized with the program photo shop, putting her head placed over another female‚Äôs body. She tried to stop the photos from being misused but it wouldn’t stop being spread throughout the Internet.

Webb before working at the school was evaluated about three times and also waited in a room for two years that was designed to keep teachers away from any students until the results came in.

She was fired by the officials of a committee because of the photos, which they believed would have a negative impact on the kids that attended the school she was working at.

Webb plans to sue the Department of Education in New York City to get her job back, pay and work damage. She believes the school is guilty of breaking her first amendments, also for being sexist because there were other teachers who were males that used to work as an actor, or a model and had revealing photos online but weren’t fired.

What I find interesting is that she was fired just a couple days before she got her pay, sounds like this was a set up so they could get free work from her and not have to pay her. This sounded really suspicious, also how could they not be able to tell if the photos were faked or not? They should’ve had done tests with the photos before actually firing her, it seems that the school is at fault. She also had her rights violated by the school.

Webb also shouldn’t have been blamed for those photos being uploaded on the Internet because she had no control over it. These committee members should be fired for not doing their mandatory homework because they seem like they didn’t bother with checking and just rushed into firing her. I wish Webb the best of luck in the courtroom and her career.