Cereal, the perfect breakfast ?

I myself  have always enjoyed eating cereal in the morning thinking of how nice it feels to have a happy stomach before I start my mornings. Whether the cereal be cold or warm I always felt satisfaction in knowing that cereal was a great staple of a well balanced breakfast. Now I’ve always questioned myself  regarding if cereal is really as nutritious and healthy is well are led into believing. Well as it turns out cereal can be a healthy choice if you know what you’re consuming and keep a detailed and sharp eye on the nutritional facts. When looking for, and ultimately choosing, your cereal it is very important  to know that a well balanced cereal is one that contains low amounts of sugar, no saturated fats, trans fats, and have a natural taste to them, but you should also try to find a cereal that still pleases your taste buds. I myself eat a bowl of whole grain cheerios with chopped fruits for a more venturous flavor. It tastes great and I know I’m making a healthy choice for myself  Now healthy cereals aren’t for everyone since there are the other cereals out there that contain artificial flavors, and colors and these are marketed towards children instead of adults and these are not healthy even with vitamin values at the high.  All of those non grain and highly popular cereals, I’m looking at you Cocoa Puffs, still contains all of the unnecessary sugar coated bites you would get with every spoonful . So next time you take a bite of your  favorite cereal check the side and make sure you are doing your body a favor.