Sharks versus people

I am a big fan of sharks, they are one of the wonderful creatures of the water world. To most people they can be seen as just killer machines that are relentlessly killing anything in their path. To me they they are not because they are just surviving like any other living organism in the world. Just like how we humans come and slaughter other living creatures without any remorse sometimes cause we need to consume and survive. I dub it the survival of the fittest. According to a website research, sharks are less likely to hurt humans than any other non-viciously looking creature such as man’s best friend.

I myself haven’t seen a white shark or any other shark killing a human on the news but if I do hear one. It’s rare and usually it’s not a fatality but just a shark attack causing mostly a minor injury that might cause some stitches or the loss of an arm or a leg. You see sharks, don’t really like the taste of humans because to them we taste terrible. Once they take a bite out of you, they usually stop most of the time. The reason they attack humans is because we look like seals to them while we are swimming, also if you are bleeding blood or releasing human waste such as pee they can smell it from miles away and will follow the scent leading to the human or whatever it is located at that point. Sharks shouldn’t be feared they should be exalted.