CSU and UC budget cuts

CSU money has been cut by almost $1 billion or 33 percent over the past four years, with student tuition increases covering only about half of the lost revenue. To fill the budget hole, CSU has implemented numerous cost cutting measures, as well as increased efficiencies.
According to the public affairs section in the Cal State announcements over the past four years, CSU has decreased the total number of faculty and staff by over 3 thousand or 6.6 percent of its workforce. In addition, class sizes have increased, faculty have been asked to teach more, and administrative functions are being consolidated. Despite these efforts and more, university officials warn that further measures are necessary.
If Governor Brown’s tax initiative known as proposition 30 is not passed by the voters in November, the California State University will face more budget cuts, and that will mean slashing enrollment, laying off employees, reducing classes and the elimination of academic programs.
This is not a good thing for Rio Hondo students, especially those ready to transfer and go to a four year school and further their education and this also means bad news for high school students graduating this year because now they have no where to go.
The question that is on everyones mind is what are they going to do now that college is not as easy and so available to them as it use to be, jobs are also hard to find considering a lot of places aren’t hiring due to our recession.
This angers many people because they have to cough up more money than they can afford to pay for school for their children and everyone else’s child.
This is very close to home, meaning Rio Hondo College, because it will affect the school as well. More and more classes each year are being cut due to the money issue we are having. It will be very hard to get classes because tuition is increasing plus it will take longer than two years to finish school.
As college students we should do something about this unless you are comfortable paying more money each year for school and you are willing to stay in school a lot longer than what you have to.