What to do with the insane

I myself have always wondered why people who’ve caused rampage and killed people, are put into a fun house also known as an asylum because they are thought to be insane instead of being put into a jail cell like any other criminal to keep safe from civilians.

They are just people with mental disorders, there are many kinds of cases. But a specific one with crime is these insane people are not called insane because they kill people for no reason or cause crimes without reasoning.

They just can’t get a grip of reality and believe that they are living in a dream or some sort of mad world, something like “Alice in Wonderland”. Being insane is having a brain disorder but it cannot be easily identified even with a professional since it has no psychical form or translated through any machine. It can be really hard to identify, there have been major cases of mass killings because of it. People can fake this disorder just to be put into a fun house ruining it for the ones with the actual problems.

An example would be Daniel Sickles, who claimed to be insane by rage when he killed a man who he believed was having an affair with his wife at the time. The charges were dropped in 1859. The aftermath of him liberating the ladies of Washington from the adulterer Philip seemed like distraction to the public to make them forget that trial of murder. I do believe these people should be put into the fun house to get some help instead of being put into a facility with criminals that have complete control of who they are and what’s going on around them. I am for the insane to be kept in the asylum in order to keep them in check. The fakes should be jailed, but how will people know? They could be lying.