Leave Rape Out of Politics

Rape, no matter what age, gender, race, and most definitely, political party, is universally regarded as an evil and atrocious act.  Even though it is horrible to imagine, some victims of rape are sometimes impregnated and sometimes choose to either put the resulted child up for adoption or get an abortion.  All around the world there are advocacy groups that want to end the right to receive an abortion, whatever the reason on choosing this stance, pro-life advocates fundamentally believe that abortion is a horrible and cruel act and should be universally outlawed.

Now it is commonly accepted that a majority of the Republican Party is known for their strong pro-life stance, some individuals in the party take their beliefs even further. These members of the party are fighting to end preventive and reproductive care in the United States, member like Missouri Representative Todd Akin. Last month during an interview on a local news station, Akin was asked a question on whether he believes a women has the right to get an abortion in the case of rape and incest, he replied with a much expected no, but what really set off a controversial storm was the he stated there is medical evidence that the female body has natural ways of defending and shit down pregnancies in the case of rape. Immediately after the comment numerous medical experts stated that there is no evidence defending the outrageous claim, and while I may not agree with his ideology, everyone is entitled to their own opinion after all, there is no way of arguing against medical science. No matter the circumstance, rape is rape and there is no way of putting a partisan political belief behind a sensitive and controversial subject for your party’s gain.

I am strong believer that a women should be entitled to do whatever she wants with her body whether or not I think it is morally right, now if only the House of Representatives and Congress could realize this and get back to the important issues going on in our country like unemployment and the ever growing deficit.