Taking a Fall this Semester

To be honest, I never really knew how much school and education really meant to me until it came the time to register for classes at Rio Hondo Community College.

I had never felt the amount of stress, frustration, and desperation that I did in trying to register for classes. Not only was I trying to catch a seat in an open class, but even to be on a waitlist was difficult. Yes, I admit that throughout my whole senior year of high school and as soon as I graduated, almost everyone told me that college was going to be a challenge, especially getting classes that I either needed or wanted. Speaking from experience, I completely agree.

In all honesty I do believe that it may have been much easier if I did join either EOPS or some sort of other program where help was offered in registration and other “privileges”. But maybe, just maybe registration would not be such a hassle if the registration system did not lack a bit of organization.

On behalf of a couple of students who are also attending community college agree in saying that the biggest frustration was clicking on an “open” class then given the option to be on a waitlist and finally being told that the waitlist was full.  Giving us, the students, hope to think that there is a possibility to even be on a waitlist but with just a click of a button, it was all gone.

It would be much more convenient if ALL of the classes that were closed did have the “c” symbol not only some. Also, if a class did have a waitlist open, a “w” next to the class description would be helpful. At least for the incoming freshman, I believe that more help should be provided in registering for classes. Not so much of an orientation but some kind of intimate groups providing one-on-one help would be great! Maybe even prior registering would be fair too!