Hybrid all the way

A couple years ago, when I heard about cars that can help the environment, I was pretty happy because I care for our world. Ever since I took an environmental class in high school I have cared for the future generation of our world. I was pretty astonished that something such as hybrid cars existed, plainly because of the mere thought of cars back then. You may have similar recollections as me because I couldn’t fathom cars which release heavy amounts of smog (Carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere and could be able to help our environment. How was that even possible?

Well it is with hybrid cars because depending mostly on how you drive, they produce less fumes being released by the exhaust into the air by using electricity instead of gas. If you drive about lower than 45 mph on the road, your vehicle will stick to using electricity and not gas; unless you’re going at a higher speed, the hybrid won’t start using the gas in your tank to increase speed.

I love this concept of a car because you save the environment and you save lots on gas which means less money out of your pocket to get your vehicle running. So people should invest in hybrid cars not only to save them on gas in the long run or short run, but to preserve this world in a better state then it could ever possibly be. Wouldn’t you like your future kids or future generations to have a wonderful clean world to live in where they can breathe in knowing that the air isn’t hazardous? I certainly would, hence, why I still remember the issue brought up in one of many high school classes, held many, many years ago.