The geeks control hollywood now!

The critically acclaimed superhero The Avengers was released earlier this year and quickly became the second highest grossing film ever released, just behind James Cameron’s Avatar, and earned an estimated $615,058,425 according to the Just recently the film The Dark Knight Rises was released and was met with high praise and success. I had the amazing privilege of attending this year’s Comic-Con located in San Diego and all I had to say is that the geeks are on the rise.  Not only did Comic-Con bring an amazing deal of tourism and revenue for the city, but it also brought in some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Every year it seems that the movie industry is taking note and make bigger investments on the huge potential market for anything comic book, graphic novels, and superhero based. No longer is the stereotype of geeks being social outcasts relevant, but in the contrary, geeks are the people who are influencing and reinventing the entertainment industry. Hit television shows like The Walking Dead, which is based of a comic book series, are only the beginning.

Take it as a pro or a con, the motion picture and television industry is running out of ideas and with a vast amount of new and solid comic book and video game based intellectual properties just waiting to get picked it is only a matter of time before I see some of my favorite series get the Hollywood treatment. There is no doubt in my mind that the next couple of years, comic and video game franchises will continue to grow in all entertainment formats, and with the more films to look forward too, like the recently announced Man of Steel, there is no stopping us now, geek is in.