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You look beautiful

Women and men seem to obsess on weight these days. Being too fat is always the worry. “Am I getting too fat? Do I need to lose weight? Does this make me look big?”

Being bigger than average shouldn’t play a part in someone’s social life. Just because someone is bigger than a certain group of individuals means nothing. People that have more to love shouldn’t be self conscious or nervous to talk to someone because of their weight. Weight is just a number.

It seems that people worry that they are getting too big as well. Some think that the body of a supermodel is more desirable than that of a “normal” healthy eating person. This is ridiculous! Model bodies are thin, tall, and boney. This doesn’t seem desirable at all. Why would anyone want to be so shapeless?

Most of the media subliminally says that unless you have the body of a model you are ugly. This is complete crap. Beauty is not about the size it’s about the way people carry themselves. Shape, or the lack of, shouldn’t matter. The media feeds us lies that we believe to be true but in reality it’s all just a giant scam.

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Women and men, young ladies and young men, don’t be self conscious about your weight or size. Don’t let it stop you from being the great extroverted person you could be.

Why? Well in the end it doesn’t matter how thin one gets he or she will still feel dissatisfaction with themselves. Don’t stress on losing weight it will cause more harm to your mental health. Just understand that we are what we’re meant to be; no matter how much one wishes they weren’t.

Try to appreciate the body we are given. It’s beautiful just the way it is! Don’t let the media alter the view you have on yourself and others.

Ignore the media. Tear those posters down, break your Barbies, turn off your TV and look in the mirror. They’re portraying a false image of what a person should look like. No one is the same. People are so different one should not compare their own beauty to that of a person who is so different. The results will leave one disappointed because they will see that they are so different. People are so diverse; it would be senseless to compare myself to someone that isn’t my own mother. Stop comparing because there is no comparison; you’re beautiful just the way you are.

There’s more to life than just weight. Life isn’t about being skinny and skinny is not beautiful. Being thick doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with thin people and it certainly doesn’t restrain you physically. Don’t be self-conscious because you are big, be self-conscious because you are driven by the media and brainwashed into believing you are ugly. That’s something more worthy of shame.

Don’t worry about your weight. It should not place a strain on your social life what-so-ever. Love yourself just the way you are and be happy with your body. Be happy, don’t worry, you’ll look great as long as you feel great!

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