What to Do for Halloween During a Pandemic?

Halloween is known for many things: trick or treating, scary movies, and costume parties with friends, just to name a few. It is a time where we enjoy the thrills of getting scared, have mischievous fun, and not worry about the condition of our teeth. Now with the whole COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine in play we cannot go trick or treating, see the latest scary movies or get together. So what can we do to still have fun for Halloween during this pandemic? We will cover various activities that are a good substitute for most activities and events this Halloween.

Trick or Treat or Not?

Trick or Treating was initially cancelled in L.A., but the decision was recalled after complaints from residents. It is only recommended by the CDC that we avoid Trick or Treating and keep social distancing. With that said, it is unsure if a lot of residents will want to give out candy or go Trick or Treating this year. So what would be a good substitute for Trick or Treating? You can still host a small gathering of friends or family and hand out goodie bags. For gatherings, you can plan out various activities like pumpkins carving, scavenger hunts, and various Halloween games. The winner of these games, of course, gets the jackpot of candy. Just be sure to sanitize your hands and wear a mask. 

Movie Night

If there ever was a time to watch scary movies, it would be during Halloween. Since the virus has shut down most theaters, it has made it difficult to see the latest horror movies. If you still want to have movie night with friends, here are some solutions. You can host a movie night at your friends house or your own. Make sure everyone’s hands are cleaned if snacks are being shared. Or you can stream movies to your friends, and each of you can watch from the  comforts of your own homes. This is probably the safest way to enjoy movies together while maintaining social distancing and having fun. You can stream to your friends on various platforms like Zoom, Discord, or Skype. All that’s left is to pick a spooky movie!

Fear, Suspense, and Fun

If no one wants to gather and keep to social distancing then we have a solution: virtual game night! You can play with friends from your computer, console and even your phone. It allows you to social distance while having a lot of fun with friends from the safety of your home. So the question is what kind of games can you play with friends? If you are on the computer, try out the 4 player co-op game “Phasmophobia”. Play as ghost hunters and determine what kind of ghost is haunting the house. Just be warned: you will get scared. If you are a party of 10 then you should try out “Among Us”. Finish tasks or determine who is the killer in the group; killers, be cunning and have a silver tongue. It is cross platform on PC and iOS/Android devices. For console people, play the “Jack Box” games, and only one person needs to buy it for the rest to use. Have tons of fun going through your friends responses, answers, and questions in this game made for parties.