Wray Theater will be hosting fall dance concert for three nights

Written by Elder Hinojosa, Staff Writer

Rio Hondo will be holding its annual fall dance program concert at the Wray Theater from Nov. 12 – 14 at 7 p.m. each night.

The “Works in Progress Dance Concert” will be showing new dance performances from Rio students and faculty, and will include a variety of dance acts ranging from jazz, hip-hop, ballet, and modern dance.

Last year’s event featured a two-hour performance from the same dancers every night, with the exception of specific dancers performing certain solo acts on a specific night.

The dance department will be keeping their performances a secret until the night of the first show in order to surprise guests.

“Works in Progress” will be the first dance concert of the fall semester and will be followed by ‘The Nutcracker’ on Dec. 13.

Tickets to the “Works in Progress Dance Concert” will be based on a $10 donation at the door and there will be a $3 parking fee.

Support the RHC Dance Collective and enjoy three nights of unique performances.