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Wifi Failing Students On Campus

Students aren’t getting the connection they deserve
Photo Credit: Arianna
no connection picking up in the Learning Resource Center

 As a student here in Rio Hondo the wifi hasn’t been a useful source on campus. The slow internet connection is holding students back. The relationship between the internet connection and student achievement is weak. Most school wifis aren’t protected but do block many websites that most of us rely on. Which makes it easy for attackers to sneak software.  Schools have a lot of devices in a small area. All these devices are competing with each other for connection to an available access point. Wi-Fi problems can stem from multiple factors.

As students only source is to connect to Rio Guest wifi which is available access to anyone and everyone that connects. It’s not a protected reliable source for the amount of students who are connected all at once. Students on campus all have the same question regarding the wifi… Why is the connection so slow ? Why do students who pay tuition have to use the Rio guest when we aren’t guests? “We come to campus everyday for at least 4 hours a day and we cant even get a good internet connection while being here” We aren’t guests at this school we’re permanent students who often attend and rely on the schools wifi to get assignments turned in on time.

Once connected to the server the download speed is at a rate of 157.29mbps. (megabits per second) An upload speed of 36.52mbps. Downloanding should be fast but having lots of students connected all at once obviously does slow our field strength. It doesn’t get any better when the school is already on a hill with slow reception and helpless internet connections. 


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Quotes from students currently attending campus 

“It’s really bad and prevents me from being able to use my devices, It just doesn’t load cause it says im connected” -ALBERT HERNANDEZ


“The wifi is really bad because if I try to access my canvas on my phone it’s not going because it’s being blocked and I think it is very important to have it not blocked so I don’t miss out on important announcements” -EMILY VIVEROS 


“It should be better, it doesn’t reach out to the school parking lot so I don’t like that, phone calls are laggy especially on facetime” -EDSON VAZQUES 


It should be better; in some places it doesn’t reach when I try to use my phone. If i try to check an assignment it wont let me, my phone calls are laggy. Sometimes I’m talking and it just cuts off. – JAVIER TRUJILLO

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Arianna Morales, Creative Designer
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