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CSU System Is Raising Tuition Costs

Tuition Increasing For All Current or Transferring Students
Photo Credit: Samantha Marin
College of Engineering and Computer Science Building at Cal State Fullerton.

It’s recently been announced that the California State University system approved a proposal that raises tuition for all students.

The CSU Board of Trustees approved the plan which states that all schools in the CSU system will be increasing the tuition cost by 6% for all students for the next five years. The proposal will start at the beginning of the 2024-2025 academic year and will finish at the end of the 2028-2029 year.

Why Are They Increasing The Tuition?

The goal of this plan is to help increase and bring more stability to all the universities’ budgets. With the money they expect to generate with the tuition increase, they plan on using it for academic and student services support, new facilities, mental health services, enhance financial aid and compensation for faculty and staff.

Some are wondering why they need to raise it in the first place? What are they spending money on that is making them lose their budget? 

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“If they need more funds that means they’re not using their current funds efficiently”, said James Gallardo, a third year student at Rio Hondo College.

The Effect It Will Have On Students

This proposal is going to have a very big effect on students who were planning on transferring to a CSU as it can make them rethink their decision.

“One of the benefits of the Cal States was the affordability of it so I’m sure that’s gonna create a barrier for the community college students that are transferring. Especially if they don’t get financial aid”, said Gabriel Amaya, a student services assistant at the Rio Hondo transfer center.

The increase will not only affect students who are transferring, but also students who are currently enrolled in a CSU.

Justin Cuadra, a third year student at California State University Northridge, said “One of the main reasons I chose to attend a Cal State was because I could afford the tuition cost compared to the UC system or private schools. Now I have to look for another job to pay for the increase”.

With this new change, can this cause students to rethink their education and potentially cause an increase in dropout rates?

“This definitely makes me think about taking some time off. I would have to focus all my time into working in order to save money to pay for the tuition for when I would go back“, said Karolina Sanchez, a third year student at California State University Long Beach.

The CSU system will start implementing the increase on tuition at the start of the next academic year.

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