27th Annual 5K Walk to Benefit the Women’s and Children’s Crisis Shelter


Shelters right hand host 5k run at central park on the morning of April 22, 2023

What the Right Hand Shelter is About

Women’s and Children’s Crisis Shelter, Inc., Shelter’s Right Hand is a non profit organization. It works to raise money and support for the organization’s emergency and support services. The services specialize in domestic violence victims and their children. It also provides service to the organization.
Their yearly gift to WCCS is made possible by the hard work of volunteers from the Thrift Shop, 5K Walk, and devoted locals. The sponsors of their 5K walk also contribute significantly to our fundraising efforts.

The Women’s and Children’s Crisis Shelter (WCCS) is dedicated to ending the cycle of violence. They also help assisting families in taking steps toward healing and wholeness. Donations and funds earned go directly to the WCCS.

This year the walk was held on April 22, 2023, at Central Park, Uptown Whittier. Along with providing financing for WCCS, they also work to inform and educate supporters and the community about domestic violence-related issues. The most significant advantage is knowing that they support DV survivors looking for protection, healing, and hope as a community.

Educational Opportunity was given to Attendees.

The exhibits for the event included  the clothesline project, silent witness, and message in a bottle.  The Clothesline Project is an exhibition of t-shirts created by women and children who have experienced abuse. Its goal is to raise awareness of the effects of violence against women. It also offers a safe space for women to bravely break the silence, and to honor a woman’s resilience.

A Board member of the event spoke on the exhibit, “The t-shirts on display have been illustrated by women and children in our shelter program and the art project offers a safe activity for them to express themselves, breaking the silence surrounding violence.”

Noah Avirom, a Whittier Eagle Scout, created eight “Silent Witness” figurines in 2007. Avirom donated them to the Women’s and Children’s Crisis Shelter. Each of these characters has the name of a woman who was murdered by her abuser.
They serve as silent eyewitnesses to the horror of their own lives and serve as a reminder that domestic abuse has an impact on both our communities and our households.

During the walk, they had students from Whittier Highschool at the corner roads encouraging those in attendance to keep going and cheering them on. They also had some of the sponsors along the trail passing out water and gifts along the way. Toward the end of the walk, there was a balloon arch with those congratulating the walkers as well as handing out medals as they enter the finish line.