How should you use your time management wisely

The Student Success Center held a Time Management workshop on March 16th in the LR-128. Speaker Alexandria Toscano went over how to manage your time wisely and overcome obstacles like unclear goals, lack of organization, commitments, and burnout. She explained a lot about procrastination, why we procrastinate, and how we could fix that by setting the alarm and getting a planner.

Toscano went over a method with the word SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, & Time-based) and also spoke about procrastination affects your mental health and how little steps could work to get that stop multitasking. The example of SMART Toscano made (specific) graduate, (Measurable) In 2 years, (Attainable) take the bus, (Relevant) there were no words for it and (Time-based) how much time you put in and put all distractions to the side.

Toscano said, “sit and consider what you want to dedicate your time to. Sit down and be realistic school takes this much time. Work takes this much time. I have to take into count that your travel time make sure you have time to rest and make a list of everything you want to thru the day” she added that time management is essential, saying, “using tutoring hours using their professors’ office hours starting a study group or attending study groups to stay up on your academics and then that’s going to help them at the end of the year when there are midterms and finals and ending terms papers where you already know all the information from the first half of the week. Hence, you apply it to the second half of the week.