Rio Hondo College Gets Multiple Reports, Someone Reportedly Looking Over Restroom Stalls


Photo Credit: Jeffrey Barragan

Over the past week, Rio Hondo College has received multiple reports about someone looking over on-campus restroom stalls.

Rio Hondo College sent out a third Campus Alert to students about an individual reportedly looking over women’s restroom stalls in the Science Building. But according to the email, someone in relation to the recent reports was apprehended by police Wednesday, Feb. 8. 

Students got an email from Rio Hondo College with the headline: Campus Alert. Several more have followed since that email.

Rio Hondo College Community received the first Campus Alert Friday, Feb. 3. Yet, there was little information released to the Rio Hondo College community besides the fact that reports had been made about an individual looking over restroom stalls.

In response to the reports, the school announced there would be an increase in security guards walking around areas with restrooms.

Then on Tuesday, Rio Hondo College sent a follow-up Campus Alert email regarding reports of an additional incident that happened the day before, Monday.

According to the email, the College reported the incidents that have recently occurred to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which patrols unincorporated Los Angeles County, where Rio Hondo College is, and some surrounding cities.

However, Rio Hondo College didn’t give further information about where the incidents had taken place.

Then just one day later, Wednesday, Feb. 8, that email was followed up by another Campus Alert. However, it contained more news about the reported incidents.

The incidents have all reportedly occurred in the Science Building. The building is near the back of the campus. It’s in front of three parking lots: Student parking lots A and C and staff parking lot B.

Two elevators and a flight of stairs are in front of the student restrooms in the Rio Hondo College Science Building.
Two elevators and a flight of stairs are in front of the student restrooms in the Rio Hondo College Science Building. (Photo by Jeffrey Barragan)

The student restrooms in the Science Building are tucked away near the back of the structure by the parking lots. They are directly in front of two elevators and a staircase. To reach them, students have to walk outside the main building, across an outside corridor that wraps around the entire Science Building and connects with nearby buildings.

Rio Hondo College said more details and information would come later.

The Spring 2023 Rio Hondo College semester started less than two weeks ago. The semester officially began Jan. 28, although most classes didn’t begin until Monday, Jan. 30.

To contact the Rio Hondo College Campus Security, you can call (562) 908-3490. But for serious, life-threatening situations or emergencies, the College recommends you contact 911.