Rio Hondo College Welcomes Dr. Marilyn Flores as New Superintendent/President

Dr. Flores becomes the 11th Superintendent/President in Rio Hondo College


Photo Credit: photographed by Beatriz Martinez

Dr. Marilyn Flores speaking at her instillation ceremony

On Oct. 14, Rio Hondo College and its Board of Trustees celebrated Dr. Marilyn Flores on her appointment as the 11th Superintendent/President of Rio Hondo College. The ceremony was held under Rio’s newest building where guests were treated to a view of the sun setting over the San Gabriel Valley. Music was provided by Rio Hondo students who played classic Latin music, to represent Dr. Flores’ heritage and represent her being only the 2nd Female Latina to ever be appointed Superintendent/President in Rio Hondo College history. 

Rio Hondo College Board of Trustees President, Vicky Santana opened the proceedings with an announcement of mostly all the guests in attendance. From the Mayor of Pico Rivera, to representatives from state senators, everyone was out in support of our new president. 

As she made her way to the podium, Dr. Flores took the time to hug her loved ones as she made her way up to address the crowd. “I am committed to the students, and making Rio Hondo a better place for them,” she began. Dr. Flores made it a point to be connected with the students, and understand their needs and wants. Her K-12 experience over the years has allowed her to be close with her students. 

Pico Rivera mayor, Monica Sanchez said “I think that she has a greater understanding of our background and what we go through…” speaking in regards to Rio Hondo’s Latin community. Mayor Sanchez admired that Dr. Flores speaks for the Latino community and those who need it. 

“Dr. Flores brings such a positive energy to the campus community. She’s an amazing leader that centers everything she does around our students, which I think, as a trustee, is important to see…” said trustee Rosaelva Lomeli. “She brings a lot of transparency and accountability to the campus, and is making sure our students are successful, that’s her priority, and I mean, what we saw today is a testament to who she is. She brings a lot of experience, and is really here for the right reasons…” she said. The Rio Hondo community believes in the change that Dr. Flores can bring. 

Oscar Villadares, Rio Hondo College District 5 representative,  said “There is a large section of our district that has been neglected. I think with her personal story, her experience, her career development is a perfect fit to address some of those needs and fully engage those communities.”  He also said “Rio has been waiting for someone like her, and we wish her the best. We are eager to start seeing changes, and to be able to engage our students in a way we haven’t done. We’re ready for her, and I think our college and community is in great hands.”

Dr. Flores’ reception was a warm one indeed, with plenty of family and friends. Rio Hondo College welcomes our new Superintendent/President with open arms and is excited for all that she does.