Labor Shortages and Labor Strikes Are Taking Over


Graphic by Cassidy Anderson

Now hiring signs can be found at many storefronts across the country.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the job market has fluctuated quite a bit. Now hiring signs can be seen at many storefront locations throughout the whole country. One question can be asked: Why are there so many job openings and so little available workers?

Labor Strikes and Shortages

The answer is simple, people are receiving the same wages and benefits while undergoing worse working conditions. There are thousands of workers across the U.S that are on strike right now because of these circumstances. Throughout Oct, many were calling this time “Striketober.” 

Workers are resigning because they are watching their employers benefit greatly from the effects of the pandemic, while the workers themselves receive nothing. The pandemic has brought incredible profit to certain industries. If employers are profiting, workers believe they should also profit in better pay or improved working conditions. 

On Oct 14, 10,000 workers from 14 different John Deere factories walked off in hopes for higher wages and retirement benefits. John Deere offered 5 to 6 percent raises but that was still not enough to satisfy the needs of workers. 

More than 30,000 Kaiser Permanente workers authorized a strike when the healthcare provider stated that they would compensate new workers with less benefits than prior existing workers. Healthcare is such a stressful work environment during the pandemic, it’s no wonder employees want equal benefits. 

With so many workers realizing their worth, there is also a major labor shortage prevalent in the country. Restaurant and hotel worker resignations are at an all time high, due to the stressful conditions. They are receiving the same wages but have to deal with worse situations such as arguing with unmasked customers. 

A new chapter in America has begun and it’s time for employers to step up to answer the calls of their workers. Employees have realized their worth and it’s time for companies to join them.