9-Year Old Soccer Player Struck and Killed by Lightning in Blackpool, England

In Blackpool, England a devastating fate of a young soccer player’s life. Nine-year-old Jordan Banks dies from a fatal strike with lighting.

The Dark Incident

On Tuesday May 11, Jordan Banks was practicing with his team in Common Edge fields in Blackpool Northwest side. Around 5pm, lightning struck down and hit Banks. According to Lanc Live News, many ambulances and police officials arrived at the scene to nurse the boy’s injuries. He died shortly after in an ambulance, rushing to the  hospital for his severe injuries. Banks played for Junior Rangers Football Club, where his team continued practicing outside the terms of club season. He was famous throughout his community for raising funds for his uncle’s Reece Beggs suicide in 2018. In January, Banks ran 30 miles in 10 days, raising 3,500 dollars for Counseling in the Community Mental Health Service.

The Junior Rangers Football Clubs states their sorrow through Facebook. “Jordan was a shining light and an inspiration to everyone that he met. A strong, determined and courageous man, who will be missed by everyone…” One of their neighboring clubs, Spirit of Youth Junior Football Club also express their condolences on Jordan Banks. “As a club, we are heartbroken, and we offer our deepest condolences to the boy’s family.” They add, “We are entrenched in the local community, and we will give whatever support is required to both the family and to those that were with him at the time.”

The Blackpool Council and owners of Common Edge fields fly the towns flag as half-mast, as tribute to Jordan Banks.