Former Sheriff’s Detective Found After Killing Ex-wife and Passengers

Monday morning of April 19, 2021, a former Sheriff’s detective who was on the run was arrested for killing his ex-wife and two others. The domestic incident took place in Austin, TX on April 18, 2021 and the manhunt lasted till Monday morning.

The alleged suspect is Stephen Nicholas Broderick. He resigned from the Travis County Sheriff’s Department last year after being charged for a child sexual abuse case. He was arrested June 6, 2020 but was released on bail. Broderick’s ex-wife filed for a protective order and divorce after his arrest.

The killing took place Sunday after the victims, including Broderick’s ex-wife, got into a car accident. Broderick gunned down his ex-wife and her passengers in the street. Their son was also present during the shooting but was unharmed. He was found fleeing the scene by the Austin Police Department.

After killing his ex-wife and her passengers, Broderick went on the run. He was found in Manor, Texas Monday morning.