Boulder, Colorado Grocery Shooting: 2nd U.S. Mass Shooting in One Week


Photo Courtesy of Chet Strange via Getty Images

Eyewitnesses recorded videos regarding the commotion in the parking lot and inside the store. It also shows employees and store shoppers hiding and fleeing the area to safety.

Yesterday on March 22, a mass shooting occurred in Boulder, Colorado. On a quiet Monday afternoon, a gunman killed 10 people, including a police officer at a King Soopers Supermarket. It was a sad day in Boulder being the second mass shooting in a week, following the Atlanta shooting on March 16.

The Hero Of It All

At around 2:30pm, 51-year-old officer Eric Talley first responded to the scene while being gunned down. According to law enforcement sources, ABC News Officers responded to a report of gunshots in the store’s parking lot. Once arriving, a suspect was carrying an AR-15-style rifle, opening fire towards them.

Although Talley was first responder, he unfortunately was also gravely shot. Serving 11 years for the Boulder Force, Talley has saved many other lives that day. Many Boulder residents crowded the streets to honor Talley in a precession to escort him to the Boulder County Office. Boulder Police Chief Maris Harold expresses her gratitude towards Talley. “I have to tell you of the heroic action of this officer when he responded at the scene,” Harold said. “My heart goes out to the victims of this incident and I am grateful to the police officers that responded…and I am so sorry about the loss of Officer Talley.”

The Safety Must Go On

With the constant rapid fires, it was anticipated to be multiple shooters involved. Officers have uncovered that the mass shooting was the work of one gunman. Taken into custody, the suspect had multiple injuries on his right leg. Although being brought to an area hospital to treat his injuries, no information regarding the suspect or his motives have been released. Police department will soon release and identify the passing victims.

Boulder District Attorney Michael Dougherty speaks of this unexpected shooting, while starting his case. “I promise the victims and the people of the state of Colorado that we will secure justice and do everything we must do to get justice in this case.” The Boulder community light their flagstaff star in condolence and honor of their fellow residents. Mental health resources and victim advocates have been available to those who have been affected by the shooting. Resources are available on