New Immigration Bills


Photo Courtesy of Drew Angerer via Getty Images

“Dreamers” hope rises as new bill is passed in the House

March 18, 2021, the House of Representatives passed two new immigration bills to help “Dreamers” and farmworkers get citizenship here in the U.S. Despite the good intentions of the bill, the Senate and the border crisis prove to be a problem. 

The Dreamers

The American Dream and Promise Act can help 2.5 million “Dreamers” get citizenship. “Dreamers” can get a conditional 10 year residency and will get rid of removal proceedings as long as they meet the requirements. The requirements are being in the U.S. on or before January 1, 2021, being 18 years old or younger upon entry, and not being convicted of domestic violence, human trafficking, or sexual assault. To get lawful permanent status, Dreamers can either get a degree from a college or university, serving two years in the military, or being employed the last three years. 

The Workers

The Farm Workforce Modernization Act will help illegal workers get citizenship. This bill can help up to 2.4 million workers. Workers will pay a fine and work four to eight years in their field to get a green card. The amount of years to work depends on how long a worker has been in the U.S. The temporary worker visa program will also be updated with new wages and better working conditions. 

Border Crisis

All that is left is the Senate. All Democrats and 10 Republicans need to vote yes for the bills to be passed to President Biden. A key factor for the Senate’s decision is the current border crisis. The rise of unaccompanied youth crossing the U.S.-Mexico border is alarming. There are currently 4,500 children in Customs and Border Protection. 

The passing of the bills from the House is good news for bipartisan agreement, but the inherited problems at the border could change the Senate’s decision. Only time will tell what is addressed first: the border or the bills?