Final Presidential Debate: Trump V Biden II

Thursday night, Belmont University in Tennessee hosted the final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former-Vice President Joe Biden. Unlike the previous debate, Kristen Welker mediated the event for the evening. To prevent interruptions, the microphones were muted for the first two minutes.

“How would you lead the country during this stage of the Coronavirus?” 

 President Trump said two million deaths would have occurred if he didn’t close the border. Spikes in coronavirus are normal and eventually subside, according to him. He then claimed to be immune as a result of his experimental treatment. Trump said a vaccine will be ready for distribution in a few weeks. When Welker said the coronavirus may be an issue until 2022, Trump responded by saying Americans should learn to live with the virus instead of “living in a bunker” like Biden. He believes schools can open safely under the current circumstance.  

 “The cure can’t be worse than the disease,” said Trump.

Joe Biden held Trump responsible for the 220,000 deaths in America since March. He strives for easily obtainable COVID tests and federally mandatory mask-wearing. He stated that the country wants transparency when it comes to an effective vaccine and believed one won’t be ready in the near future. Biden warns of a “dark winter” under Trump’s leadership.  

“…we’re learning to live with it? People are learning to die with it!”, Biden said in response to Trump’s willingness to reopen the country.  

When asked about future shutdowns, Biden said he wants the public to open with safety funding, which Trump is against. Plexiglass and masks are items he wants the government to provide. Biden pointed out that Republican states, which are less likely to wear masks, account for most of the spikes. He then brought up a recorded voice memo of Trump admitting the dangers of the virus and downplaying it.  

Trump insisted the public will be able to open safely and refused to have another shutdown. He argued the economic and social damage will be worse than the effects of the virus itself. Trump reemphasized that younger people are “practically immune” to the virus. Trump then accused Biden of destroying New York by keeping it closed and taking money from Wall Street.  

“What would you do to put an end to this threat (foreign agitators)?”

Biden made clear that Russia, China, and Iran will pay for their recent interference in the election. He also accused Rudy Gulliani of being a Russian pawn. Biden then questioned Trump on his reluctance to stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden then denied receiving money from Russia. He accused Trump of having oversees bank accounts and questioned why Trump won’t release his taxes. He also said Trump pays little in taxes by using loopholes in the system. Biden said his overseas investments are run under US legal policies. China would be forced to follow UN policy or face sanctions under Biden’s leadership. He also wants to disarm North Korea of their nuclear weapons.  

Conversely, Trump accused Biden of receiving $3 million from Russia. The President claimed that nobody has been tougher on Russian than him. He blamed the Obama administration for Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian territory. Trump then said he prepays his taxes so his filing fees are what are visible on his records. He called the Muller investigation a witch hunt that proved his innocence. Trump said if he were to investigate Biden’s businesses he “would find plenty wrong”. He also said he owns multiple overseas accounts and closed the one in China before he ran for president after a deal didn’t work out. Trump claimed to have a good relationship with North Korea and does not believe they are a threat. He believes his friendship with Kim Jong-Un is a good thing.  

“What would you do if people had their health insurance taken away?”

Trump praised himself for terminating Obamacare’s individual mandate. The individual mandate was a fee to qualify for free healthcare. He doesn’t believe Obamacare is sufficient for those living with pre-existing conditions. He said Biden plans to socialize medical and get rid of private healthcare. Trump also believes Biden will destroy Medicare and social security benefits.  

Biden plans to build on Obamacare. “Bidencare,” his healthcare plan, will lower the premium and drug cost. He confirmed he will not get rid of private healthcare plans. All labor unions are in support of his healthcare plan, according to him. Biden said Trumps current plan will bankrupt the social security fund by 2023.

“Why haven’t you been able to get them the help they need (stimulus bill)?”

Trump blamed Nancy Pelosi for not approving a stimulus package. He claimed that she is holding back on the plan until after the election. He then called the previous stimulus packages “bailouts” that encourage illegal immigration. Trump stated that the minimum wage should be determined by the states.  

Biden said the Republican Party is not in favor of passing the new stimulus bill. The Democratic Party created previous stimulus bills and urged the Senate to pass another, he stated. He accused the Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell of letting cities go bankrupt. Biden claimed to be in favor of federally raising minimum wage to $15.  

“How will these families ever be reunited?”

When asked about immigrant children held in detention camps away from their parents, Trump blamed coyotes, illegal traffickers. He said the Obama administration built the cages that the children are held in. Trump also said that only the immigrants with “a low IQ”  show up to asylum court cases to gain a chance at legal citizenship.    

Biden said the families were intentionally separated at the border. He also ignored Trump’s questions about the cages. He plans on keeping DACA recipients in the country. Biden wants to reimplement catch and release to help asylum seekers instead of incarcerating them. He then admitted the Obama Administration did not have the best immigration policy.

“Do you understand why these parents fear for their children?”

When asked if he understood the fears of Black and Latino parents, Biden admitted he never had to fear for the life of his children as they have. He acknowledged systemic racism, and he plans to help change the system. Biden said Trump wants to incarcerate more people instead of keeping them out of prison. He admitted to regretting passing his harsh crime bills. His goal is to create separate courts for drug related crimes. Biden then referred to Trump as “the most racist president in recent history.”

Trump accused Biden of once calling the African American community “super predators.” He also said that Biden’s crime bills incarcerated thousands of African Americans. He then claimed that nobody has done more for them besides Abraham Lincoln. Trump also bragged about providing Black universities with more funding than they need.  

“I am the least racist person in this room,” claimed Trump

“How would you both combat climate change and support job growth at the same time?”

Trump said the trillion trees plan and low carbon emissions are helping the environment. He claimed the United States is the most environmentally friendly it has been in 30 years. Trump also called China, Russia, and India filthy and in need of change instead. He then stated that the Paris Accord would have destroyed American industry.  Trump also said Biden’s environmental plan will cost $100 trillion. He went on to say that solar power is not powerful enough and windmills are worse for the environment than fuel emissions. Trump stated that people living on land near oil refineries and chemical plants are making massive profits.  

Biden pointed out that pollution will be at the point of no return in eight to ten years. He wants to make electric cars more affordable and available nationwide. He said his plan will not be as expensive as Trump says and it will actually create jobs. Biden confirmed he will only ban fracking on federal land. Biden’s plan is to help fence line communities and limit pollutants from refineries. He also wants to phase out the oil industry.  

The two presidential candidates will not debate again as this was the final debate. Election Day is November 3. Be sure to find your nearest location online at