Two Young Teens Involved in a Shooting in Pasadena


Photo by Mimi Castellanos

Villa Parke in Pasadena, CA. Villa Parke & Recreation Center hold programs such as dance, soccer, arts & crafts, self defense and many more.

Pasadena encountered a drive by shooting in Villa Parke last Sunday, September 14. Around 8:45pm, Pasadena Resident Nathan Rowe heard peculiar gun shots across from his home. “I just heard real quick five bangs and then I could hear a girl screaming,” Rowe says. An 18-year-old male had many shots in the upper body and a 14-year-old female shot in the neck. As police arrived, both victims were laying on the grass in critical condition.

In the Preliminary investigation, police are still looking for the two suspects in a late-model Sedan. Lt. Bill Grisafe explains the situation at hand. “The car pulled up alongside the two victims who are on the sidewalk, they asked them something in English”. Grisafe continues, “The victims didn’t understand what they were asking. The passenger got out and began firing rounds at both of them”. Although the victims do not have any gang affiliations, it is possible that the suspects have gang related ties.

While investigators look for a proper description of the suspects, this is one of the many incidents happening in Pasadena. Police responded to a violent stabbing and car-to car shooting of 20 bullets fired that same weekend. The city and departments informed residents that an increase of officers will patrol around the area to prevent further violence.  Grisafe soon hopes to encounter these suspects and decrease the violence and gang related activities in the future.