The Popppypalooza Shutdown

Sara Rose, Staff Writer

Post rainfall in SoCal. Poppy’s flourished along the hillsides.

Therefore, in the last few weeks. Tourism inflated in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Flowers blooming along the hillsides of the Inland Empire. The picture was taken from Times of SD.

Thousands arrived for scenic overlooks.

People favored social media pictures.

Parking and walking instructions were neglected as a result.

On the other hand, traffic befell on the freeways.

Staff extended wait times to hillsides.

Visitors destroyed poppies.

In addition, there was a brief shutdown at Walker Canyon.

City Hall posted a statement to clarify.

“The situation has escalated beyond our available resources. No additional shuttles or visitors will be allowed into Walker Canyon.

This weekend has been unbearable Lake Elsinore. Lake Street and Nichols ramps completely closed. We have to get traffic moving.”

Whether the bloomings are a positive or negative impact. That’s all a matter of perspective.

In short. There must be a consciousness for nature preservation.

The city is not equipped to handle the number of people but tries to adapt.

Close up view of poppies in Lake Elsinore, CA. Picture from