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Pope Francis Global Sex Abuse Summit

Sara Cozart, Staff Writer

Pope Francis held the first global sex abuse summit

It went from February 21st to February 24th.

It took place in Rome, Vatican City.

One hundred and ninety religious leaders attended.

The Pope wants to prevent global Catholic scandals from occurring

Above all, he wants to protect the children and religious followers from abuse.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna taught how to investigate sex abuse.

A child protection law is soon to come

There is now a handbook for church leaders on proper conducts of these cases.

Punishments weren’t given to those involved in cover-ups.

Incident files not open to the public

However, Pope Francis wants to raise the minor age to eighteen.

Veronica Openibo, a superior within the religious order shamed the men of their silence.

Francis vowed to not cover up cases

In conclusion, the Pope mentioned sexual tourism, pornography, and family sexual abuse as a societal problem.

Pope Francis at the global sex abuse summit last weekend in Vatican City. Picture source from the Associated Press.






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Pope Francis Global Sex Abuse Summit