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Wrap Up: 2018 Midterm Election Results

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Wrap Up: 2018 Midterm Election Results

Photo Illustration: Erika Suarez

Photo Illustration: Erika Suarez

Photo Illustration: Erika Suarez

Democrats won control of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Nov. 6. 

This means Democrats have the ability to check President Trump’s power and Republicans will no longer be able to pass legislation with GOP votes alone.  When Bills go through Congress, Democrats will have a say.  They will also have a subpoena power, which will aid in a close investigation on Trump Administration.


As for Senate, Democrats did not gain. This means they will not be able to block Trump’s Supreme Court, Cabinet, and other nominees for the next two years. President Trump will continue to have control in confirming judges to lifetime posts.

Here are the Los Angeles, California results for every midterm race:


California US Governor 

Gavin Newson:  59.4%

John Cox: 40.6%


Superintendent of Public Instruction 

Tony Thurmond: 49.4%

Marshall Tuck: 50.6%


Attorney General 

Xavier Becerra: 60.8%

Steven Bailey: 39.2%


U.S Senate 

Kevin De Leon: 45.7%

Dianne Feinstein: 54.3%


Los Angeles County Sheriff

Jim McDonnell: 49.85%

Alex Villanueva: 50.15%


Los Angeles County Assessor

Jeffrey Prang: 60.0%

John Loew: 40.0%


State Measures

Proposition 1: Affordable and veterans housing bonds


No: 45.9%


Proposition 2: Homes for people with mental illness bonds

Yes: 61.1%

No: 38.9%


Proposition 3: Water Bonds

Yes: 47.7%

No: 38.9%


Proposition 4: Children’s Hospital Bonds

Yes: 60.6%



Proposition 5: Property tax breaks homeowners over age 55.

Yes: 41.9%

No: 58.1%


Proposition 6: Repeal’s gas tax hike

Yes: 44.7%

No: 55.3%


Proposition 7: Allows changes to daylight savings

Yes: 59.8%

No: 40.2%


Proposition 8: Control dialysis center charges.

Yes: 38.4%

No: 61.6%


Proposition 10: Allows rent control expansion

Yes: 38.3%

No: 61.7%


Proposition 11: Break times for private ambulance drivers

Yes: 59.4%

No: 40.6%


Proposition 12: Cage-free farm animals

Yes: 61.0%

No: 39.0%


Measure W: Stormwater parcel tax

Yes: 67.48%

No: 32.52%


Los Angeles Key Measures

Measure B: Public bank for Los Angeles

Yes: 42.19%

No: 57.81%


Measure E: Align State and city primary elections

Yes: 71.19%

No: 28.81%


Measure EE: Align school and city elections

Yes: 74.58%

No: 25.42%








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Wrap Up: 2018 Midterm Election Results