Speaking Out for Those Who Can’t


Diana Juarez

The Whittier Host Lyons won the Lip Sync event hosted by the Women’s and Children’s Crisis Shelter, helping them raise money for their charity.

The Women’s and Children’s Crisis Shelter (WCCS) of Whittier hosted its 4th annual Lip Sync Event this past Oct. 4th at the Whittier Community Theater.

The event was created to kick off Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Which helps victims and allies alike “Speak Out for Those Who Can’t.”

Maria Martinez, a survivor of domestic violence, was the guest speaker and shared her heart-wrenching story of domestic violence.

She explained how she was able to get out of that situation only after her abuser started hurting her kids. Thankfully, she got of the situation and is now working to give her children a better life.

“I want to let young women know that the biggest red flags in behavior are jealousy and a controlling attitude. they are gateway behaviors to abusive relationships,” Martinez said.

Officer Esteban Medina, a motorcycle officer for the Whittier Police Department served as Master of Ceremonies for the competition.

Whittier community leaders dressed up to perform some of their favorite songs and try and win the audience’s favor. Every vote from the audience cost a dollar with full proceeds going to the WCCS.

The show opened with WCCS board performing “Reach out, I’ll be there” by the Four Tops. Rio Hondo’s own Ruthie Flores is on the board. Along with her colleagues gave a rousing performance that got everyone pumped up for the competition.

Meanwhile, Whittier City Council member Cathy Warner, along with Mayor Joe Vinateiri and fellow Council Member Fernando Dutra performed a medley of “Simple Song of Freedom” and “Give Peace a Chance.” Mayor Vinateiri held up a sign that read “Reelect Cathy Warner” during the last half of their show.

Also, Rio Hondo’s very own trustees Mary Ann Pacheco, Madeline Shapiro, and president of academic senate Michelle Bean put on their dancing shoes and gave an impassioned rendition of “Yes We Can, Can” as the Rio Sisters.

Dawning black and gold, the Rio Sisters danced and lip-synced across the stage.

Nicholas Morlet, a Whittier native and realtor, got everyone on their feet. When his “Oldman” presentation morphed into “Uptown Funk.” Morlet’s wife was very proud of his performance.

“He likes to perform, we actually met in choir,” said Mandy Morlet, “he didn’t even practice any of it, just went up there and did his thing.”

Furthermore, The Brookdale Uptown Whittier senior living center performed a dance to “It’s Raining Men.” Where Joan Kemski and Jean Steele starred in.

Complete with special effects, the ladies and gentlemen of Brookdale charmed the audience.

Whittier Host Lions had a “YMCA” dance-along that had everyone in the audience cheering. All performances were equally amazing. But it was Rob Marin that stole the show with his production of “All That Jazz.”

Ultimately, it was the Whittier Host Lions that won the competition. The total amount of the funds raised that night are pending.

“Tonight’s money goes to the women and children in the shelters. We do more than offer a safe haven, we make sure the children there have what they need. And while I want to thank every vendor and donor. This year we want to give a huge thanks to Credit Union of Southern California for donating $10,000,” said WCCS President Julie Peoples.

If you or anyone you know is in a situation where they need help the WCCS has a 24-hour hotline (562) 945-393924.