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Self Help Graphics Shares Roots of Latino Art to Campus


Self Help Graphics & Art makes a returning visit at the lower quad, providing Dia De Los Muertos art-making workshops for students this past September 27.


Carolyn Robertson, cultural event coordinator says last year’s event, “was an incredible booster for students.” She was graciously content to see them participate again.


Students had the opportunity to explore their artistic side in 3 workshops. Flor de Papel (Paperflower), Papel Picado, and stencil screen-printing.


Instructors from Self Help Graphics helped students with each art crafts. They also provided art tools and paper for them to use.


Gazebo tents with tables were available for students to sit and work on their art. Participants got tacos with choice of meat and beverages such as Horchata and Watermelon.


Martha Carrillo, an instructor for the organization, says their motive for bringing these workshops is so cultural crafts won’t be forgotten.


“Most art is now made digitally, and we want everyone to remember that it can be hands on. It feels like you are actually creating art rather than clicking with a mouse and a keyboard,” says Carrillo.


Anahi Gomez, an English major gathered with friends at a table and worked on stencil printmaking while they carved out their pieces with an x-acto knife.


 When she was heading towards the library. The printmaking workshop allured her.


 Gomez’s artistic skills amazed her friends. Her Elephant cut out was incredible and anyone could have easily mistaken her as an art major. After this discovery, they tried to convince her to change her major.


Her print close to completion, she headed back to the workshop to screen print her piece. It came out to a beauteous purple to blue gradient.


“Elephants are beautiful creatures, they bring good luck,” says Anahi Gomez.


Gomez and friends agreed they would like to see more cultural art events to campus. Even a pumpkin carving workshop for October.


For those who missed this cultural experience can visit Rio Hondo’s Art Gallery October 18 through November 16 for a 45 annual Dia de los Muertos celebration with Self Help Graphics & Art.


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Self Help Graphics Shares Roots of Latino Art to Campus