RHC offers support and resources on Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide Prevention Day at Rio Hondo is offering help for students in room SS230 provided at no charge to registered students. Students will encounter stress for a variety of reasons including; academics, family problems, responsibilities, social life, work, and financial concerns. The services help provide technical assistance, training, and materials to increase the knowledge and expertise of suicide prevention.

If you have an urgent matter, ask for help with no appointment needed. Call Student Health & Psychological Services at (562) 908-3438, Text: “COURAGE” To 741741, or you can go to the suicide prevention website.

The Psychological Services hold sessions from eight to ten or varies for each student. They help students do volunteer work to reach out to other students. The services are trying to spread the word so other students are aware of the help they can receive. This is done with posters, class presentations, and workshops. This is important for students, not only to relieve stress but simply talking to someone who will listen, will put a lot of weight off your shoulder.

September is suicide prevention month which brings awareness and support. Not many students know there are resources, but the support grows each year. Knowing you are not alone on campus is a stress reliever.