Sixth Annual Santa Fe Springs ArtFest


Olivia Venegas

Local artists began dropping off their pieces this weekend, prior to set up.

Olivia Venegas, Opinion and Lifestyles Editor

The sixth annual Santa Fe Springs ArtFest will open to the public Friday, May 4 at the Clarke Estate from 3pm to 11pm. The free event highlights and hosts local and international artists.

There will be all kinds of art ranging from film to live trompe l’oeil exhibitions. Artists from painters to musicians.

The Art Fest will have featured guest artists film director, Justin Floyd, visual artist, Liz Huston, animation/illustrator, Manuel Cuchilla, and culinary executive chef, Ricardo Diaz. Along with will be special guest headliner singer, Riley Biederer from season nine of The Voice.

There will be workshops, entertainment, and various elements of art throughout the entire venue including; independent film showings, engaging installations, chalk art, food, craft vendors, pop-up artists, jewelry vendors and much more.

May 3, the estate will be hosting a Collectors Night, which will be a silent auction where those who RSVP can have a chance to purchase one-of-a-kind art in a community atmosphere. This silent auction also welcomes anyone who is inexperienced or experienced with collecting art an opportunity to purchase amazing art without a heavy price. 20% of the proceeds from the silent auction will benefit the Heritage Arts Advisory Committee.

Year after year, the silent auction has benefitted for the Heritage Arts Advisory Committee which provides art funding for the surrounding schools.

Sandra Hahn, the city’s Art Consultant and Festival Director, as well as owner of the company Art Crawl Fest, along with her team of women, are bringing so much more to the art festival this year.

“This year it is a little bit more out of the box.”, said Hahn.

The main focus is art and education. Hahn and her team are including other cultures and various mediums of art to show how intricate art has become.

By diversifying the festival, Hahn and her team hope to educate all who attend,

“Part of it is education too, to show the variety of things. If you keep repeating the same thing every year then we’re not learning.”, explained Santa Fe Springs’ Festival Director.

It is a community event that invites and supports creativity. Local artist, Marlyn Barrios first entered the festival last year and was attracted to its purpose of exhibiting local artists. Barrios is a returning artist and believed her art and knowledge of art has grown.

“It has influenced my artwork a lot. I would only do abstract flowers and now I’m doing more portraits, I’m trying oils now; oil painting.”,explained Barrios.

The Santa Fe Springs ArtFest is a community art experience that will expose the various mediums art to all those that attend. Those interested in buying art can RSVP to the Collectors Night by emailing [email protected]. For additional information about this event visit .

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