Time-Management Workshop for Women of Color Entrepreneurs

Written by Olivia Venegas, Opinion / Lifestyles Editor

On Saturday a workshop for women of color entrepreneur was hosted by 22-year-old Reyna Marrufo in Downtown LA at the Women’s Center for Creative Work.

The workshop focused on how aspiring entrepreneurs can diligently manage their time in order to complete their projects and goals.

The event was attended and hosted by strong Latinas. The women of this workshop individually shared their goals for the future for their entrepreneurship. The businesses ranged from vegan meal preps to media.

Step by smaller steps, Marrufo showed the women how to begin planning for months ahead, weeks in advance, and then how to establish a morning and night routine. She shared her own goals and experiences practicing the methods she was teaching.

The women created goals for the next three to six months and then created smaller weekly goals that contributed to their monthly goals.

The intimate venue created a personal environment between Marrufo and the women. They were able to ask their host about her story and inspiration. Marrufo shared with everyone that she actually dropped out of college and believed this was the right step in order to fully dedicate herself to the work she is doing now.

“I’ve always felt like I wanted to do things, I wanted to help people. I knew how to look for resources so I wanted to share them with others.”

Marrufo, recalled her years in high school of witnessing her Latina friends crying over men and people that oppressed them,

“A lot of women need empowerment, especially in high school. I would always tell them you’re better than this. Empowerment is so needed in these low-income communities.”

Valerie Barocio, an Apple Valley resident, was looking to find new ways to manage her school and work schedule but also make time to focus on her entrepreneur ventures. Barocio explained that what caught her attention about the workshop was the focus on Latino women,

“There are not many of these kinds of workshops or any workshops for women of color.”

The Latina pride was noticeable among these women. Marrufo even promoted small Latina businesses such as Glamindo Artesania, a handcrafted clothing and accessories company.

Marrufo has hosted many workshops that give women of color the skills they need to be an entrepreneur and the support. Her next workshop is in the works but you can catch Reyna Marrufo on Youtube @ReynaMarrufo and in “Reyna’s Podcast” sharing the same concepts and steps to achieve your goals.