Trump Bans Bump Stocks & Other Modifiers

After High School Shooting in Parkland, FA Trump Goes Forward With Ban of Gun Modifiers.


Makes gesture of holding a rifle during speech.

Cesar Gonzalez, Opinion / Lifestyles Editor


        February 20, 2018 President Donald Trump replied to several calls that were made for more greater and stricter gun control laws. The president had also signed a memorandum which urged Attorney General Jeff Sessions to direct a ban against “bump stocks” along with other devices that made semi-automatic guns into “machine guns.”

Bump stocks, when attached to a semiautomatic gun, increases the speed of bullets being fired. Such modifications to these types of firearms were also the same ones that the shooter in Las Vegas had used last year in October to cause the bloodshed at country music known as “Route 91 Harvest Festival.” He was successful in killing dozens.

Shortly after this turn of events, the National Rifle Association and the White House had made plans to create bans on gun modifications. This did not take effect until the shooting that took place at Parkland, Florida at Douglas High School, where a former student killed many students and teachers in this mass shooting. Although these types of modified weapons were not used in the shooting, this caused the call to ban gun modifiers along with the urge to gun-control issues that people looked toward President Trump to make happen.

        President Trump called the event “the evil massacre,” and stated, “We must do more to protect our children… We have to do more to protect our children.” There was also talk about raising the age that a person can legally buy and own a semiautomatic gun(s). The president, in his call to ban stock bumps, also added that it was the Obama Administration that approved the legal selling of these sort of modifications.

        President Trump has assured the press and the American people that he is vowing to make a change and put a stop to these mass shootings in America after many have been happening. In addition to this ban, Trump also wants to make stricter background checks for anyone who is trying to purchase guns, in hopes of singling out a “mentally deranged” or “mentally ill” person would prevent future occurrences like those of the mass shootings that have been recently happening like that of Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, and Parkland.