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Farrell’s Celebrates Success After The Profit Takeover

Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour in Buena Park shared their night of success with the public for their second feature on the CNBC’s show The Profit.

Farrell’s has been an American ice cream parlor for decades and created the iconic Worlds Famous Farrell’s Zoo. It is a massive 30-scoop sundae that once consisted of two boisterous Farrell employees presenting the sundae at the table.

In 2015 they reached out to the CNBC’s show The Profit due to financial troubles and management and aired it’s first episode with the Farrell’s a year later. The show revolves around the multi-millionaire Marcus Lemonis searching for struggling business by putting in his own money and time for a share of the profits. Lemonis will do whatever it takes to keep the business alive and profitable.

For Farrell’s, Lemonis put in$750,000 for 51% of the business. Lemonis, along with Travis Lee, has transformed this once struggling business for the better. “The biggest difference is we brought on Sweet Petes as partners, so the old team is completely gone. It’s myself, Marcus, and Sweet Pete’s”, said partial business owner Lee.

ML(Marcus Lemonis) Food Group along with Farrell’s in Buena Park social media coordinator, Theresa Elorriaga, organized this promoting event on behalf of Farrell’s second feature on The Profit. The episode will air Tuesday night and give audience an update on how far Farrell’s has come since their first episode in 2016.

Part of the promotion was inviting food bloggers from around Southern California to share the improved experience Farrell has to offer to their followers.

Maya and her sister run a food enthusiast Instagram account under the name of @thickfoodiesquad and said,“We have never been to an ice cream parlor before but so far we like the atmosphere. We are pretty excited to try it out!”

Farrell’s is more than just ice cream, they have redone and improved their menu with all natural ingredients and less frozen and processed foods, “Everything in the restaurant is homemade with the exception of our buns”, said Lee. Some of the other aspects they have improved upon is the atmosphere by eliminating the World’s Famous Farrell’s Zoo in order to create a more engaging environment.

The night offered free drinks, swag bags, a candy workshop, and free sundaes to those invited. Farrell’s always has a candy store, a toy shop, unforgettable birthday celebrations to their customers.

Theresa Elorriaga also offered to our readers a “buy one get one free entree” when they present this article to this location to enjoy the Farrell experience for themselves.

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Farrell’s Celebrates Success After The Profit Takeover