Gas Station Attendant Faces Murder Charges for Allegedly Shooting a Man Over a Bag of Candy

Danielle Anzures , Reporter

A gas station attendant accused of shooting a man to death last month for allegedly stealing a $1 bag of candy was charged with murder October 19. Taleb Rebhi Ali Jawher, 39 years-old, was arrested for the shooting of, 34-year-old, Christopher Simmons when the incident happened.

The murder happened September 26 at the Philly 66 gas station in St. Louis, Missouri.  Simmons had left the store and was walking back to his car as Jawher followed him and shot him in the back of the head at around 9pm according to Daily Mail.

There was a confrontation in the store before the murder, where Jawher accused Simmons of stealing $1.10 candy, Simmons denied the accusation and according to police the claim was false.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch were told by Dorothy Simmons, the victim’s mother, that the family is trying to “find some peace” after Christopher’s death according to Fox News. “He was a wonderful young man who was taken from us too soon,” she said.