Sheckler Foundation gives back to the community

Alex Rodriguez, Reporter

As the Sheckler foundation commenced, there were dozens of amatuer skateboarders gliding across the skate rink, as well as professional skateboarders like Ryan Decenzo, Alex Midler among many more that attended and supported the Skate For a Cause event; orchestrated by professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler. The day began with the carnival outside the skate park with tents selling skateboards, shirt, hats, and tickets for Chronic Tacos who were advertising the event, alongside Red Bull, Tilly’s and many others. Even though the weather showed rain, the crowd seemed excited to be there to support great causes that give back and enriches lives of children who love action sports. Many people there were first time attendees. Marcus Clarke a proud skateboarder who’s been skating for four years returns every year to the event to feel inspired, “it did last year to also,” says Clarke.

When the Skate For a Cause event went underway, handicapped athletes dominated the skate rink, including athletes in wheelchairs, which was mind blowing because it seemed like they have been doing it for years. The first competition of the day was the Legends Bowl contest, which was older skate legends competed against each other. At the end Christian Hosoi was declared the winner.  

There were more competitions throughout the afternoon, with David Reyes being declared the winner of the Tech Center best trick, Charlie Blair winner for the Oakley Tranny best trick contest, and Daniel Vargas 1st place winner for the Tilly’s stair Hubbas Rails best trick contest.

Sheckler is proud of what he’s accomplished and what the true meaning behind the Sheckler foundation is all about.

“It started because I met this girl Casey who had Leukemia when I was sixteen,” said Sheckler.

It didn’t make sense to him why this diagnosed girl wanted to meet him, but it all started with her; he made a make a wish foundation and her wish was to hang with Sheckler. It inspired him to start the whole foundation through perseverance and struggle.