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New presidential executive orders

Diego Crespo, Editor- in- Chief

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders announced two executive orders from President Donald Trump Thursday morning, May 11. Sanders brought up the Homeland Security Advisor, Tom Bossert, to present the executive order, now known as the Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure.

This first order revolves around the heads of federal networks to be held accountable of their own cybersecurity risks. Agencies will operate under one enterprise network to identify risks and additional security structures. “The President has directed the President’s cabinet to begin the hard work of protecting our nation’s most critical infrastructures. Utilities, financial and healthcare networks, telecommunication networks…”

The plan is to mitigate and modernize cybersecurity under what Bossert calls “Good, hard governance.” Bossert also declares previous bipartisan studies and observations on the matter of cybersecurity were not adopted for various reasons, but states, in his view, this order adopts the best and brightest of those recommendations.

Secretary John F. Kelly will play a large and leading role in implementing the order.

At this point in time, the administration will not draw a line on what constitutes cyber warfare.

The order also does not close off possibilities to working with other technology counsel from other nations in order to secure digital borders.

The federal government spends upwards of over 40,000 per employee with their IT costs.

Bossert took the opportunity to thank Mayor Giuliani, Representative McCaul, Representative Ratcliffe and Hurd, Nunes, Senator Collins, Senator McCain, Senators Burr among others for discussions relating to this order.

When asked why the cyber security order was delayed, Bossert stated he would answer and reject part of the question. The president’s executive order calls on the government for voluntary coordination, while asking Secretary of Commerce and Homeland Security to facilitate the reduction of botnets. Botnets are an infectious variation of malware that gives an attacker use of computers to steal information and access to specific devices along with their digital connections.

As for the official delay, Bossert asserted the administration was under criticism of doing things too quickly and now doing things too slowly. He went on to explain the President picked a cabinet full of people to look at the money and infrastructure behind innovation. Bossert remained confident the timing of the order had hit a sweet spot between the two.

Sanders returned to the stage to announce the other executive order: a bipartisan presidential advisory commission on presidential integrity. The order will be chaired by Vice President Mike Pence and will focus on registry and voting issues, with a bipartisan commission to be comprised of roughly a dozen members including current and former secretaries of state along with people who are knowledgeable on election management, fraud detection and voter integrity efforts.

Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach will serve as Vice Chair. As of May 11, the following individuals will also serve on the commission: Secretary of State of Indiana Connie Lawson, Secretary of State of New Hampshire Bill Gardner, Secretary of State of Maine Matthew Dunlap, Secretary of State of Ohio Ken Blackwell and Commissioner of Election Assistance Commission Kristy MCcormick.

The commission will review policies and practices that may or may not cause the American people to lose faith in an election system that led to improper registry in voting. As it stands, legally speaking, no election fraud by an opposing party to ruling administration has been signified. Ready by 2018, meetings and hearings will be open to the public.

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New presidential executive orders