Jasmin Reyes Speaks Out About Plans for Rio


Photo by Alex Rodriguez

Jasmin Reyes speaks at an open forum in the Student Union.

Alex Rodriguez, Reporter

Vice president candidate to the Associated Students of Rio Hondo College, Jasmine Reyes is running head on full survivor mode with opposing candidate Victoria Diaz. Both candidate students have been campaigning since Virginia Gumming stepped down from the position earlier this semester. Both candidates have been battling out for months trying to reach out to Rio Hondo students to distribute their ideas towards the unity of the school.

Rio Hondo VP candidate Jasmin Reyes has plans on reaching out to Rio Hondo students by conducting events, also getting the campus involved into sports and future pep rallies. Reyes will also like to introduce the players by the help of public relations. More town hall meetings is a one factor she wants to implement because they were a success,

“People were trying to leave a legacy here on campus,” said Reyes.

Reyes holds herself to be a very competitive person and is trying her hardest to get to know the students around campus, she speaks out to a lot of classes and clubs, plus many more. Reyes wants to make connections wherever she is especially on recycling day, which was a success due to the rock climbing wall and the giveaways like the smencils and Panera bagels all for free.

There will be another public forum at the beginning of next semester so the students can talk about what they wish to see. Discussions about what the students want in the legacy project will also occur, and this year the student government are working on something new. A pantry was thrown as an idea.