Career and Technical Education department hosts Open House


Noah Garcia/ El Paisano

Display at CTE Open House held on Feb. 27 in front of the Applied Technology Building.

Noah Garcia, Staff Writer

The Career and Technical Education Division of Rio Hondo had an open house on Feb. 27, where interested college and high school students attended to see what the division has to offer.

With millions of people joining the workforce or gaining higher education, it has been harder to discover what people want to do and how to achieve it.

The open house was from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and had several different sessions, displaying the programs the available programs, such as: Architecture, Landscape Architecture and GIS, Civil Design Technology and Engineering Design Drafting, Automotive Technology, Alternative Energy Technology/Electronics/Home auditing and a basic seminar on student success in the CTE.

The teachers in charge of different seminars went over a detailed discussion of what the programs have to offer, and what degrees students could earn and their real world applications.

Not only does Rio Hondo offer a a bachelors degree in automotive technologies, it also works with companies outside of the college and currently can enroll students in a total of 160 apprenticeship programs.

The registration table held many pamphlets, bags filled with informational materials and school supplies, and even offered doughnuts and refreshments. Many people showed up to the event, ranging from high school to college to continuing education.


Each one of these programs were discussed in different classrooms in three one-hour intervals presented by the Rio Hondo Faculty.

The mission statement of the department is “To prepare students for optimal success in higher education and technological careers, in an environment that will encourage a lifelong pursuit of learning.”

The CTE provides students with programs that will help them acquire advanced knowledge and gain hands-on experience by providing educational, vocational and technical training. The programs tools and materials are kept up to date due to federal grants and a deal the school has made with Honda, to develop a two year education-to work program.

Dean of the department,Mike Slavich, and his department had two goals for the open house, the first is to show all current students the opportunities that are available on campus, and the second is to show potential students and their parents all the different options they will have if they choose to be in the division.

The staff who work in the division are really adamant on getting parents involved in their children’s careers because they believe that the more time and energy put into their child’s career, the higher the chance they will have at achieving their educational a professional goals.

People who have chosen to gain higher education, must seriously consider all of their options. The open house, and the entire department, was simple a way of showing that Rio Hondo college is determined to give its students the best education it possibly can.

For more information on any of the programs mentioned,  please contact the CTE offices through (562) 463-7368, or by visiting building B-room T123.