Voter Registration Drive at Rio Hondo

Are you a U.S citizen that prefers to exercise your right by voting? Do you want to participate in the local or even national political events? Voter Registration Drive offered in Rio Hondo is available for every student to sign up and register as a voter of U.S.

The Drive takes place on Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Upper Quad near the Student Union building. Students interested in such events must be 18 years of age or older by or on Tuesday, November 3rd, in order to participate. During the event, each attendee must submit a form in order to fill in his or her personal information. When the form is completed, he or she can turn it in to one of the student volunteer at the the event, and after that, he or she will receive a snack such as chips and juices in reward.

One of the student volunteers, Aaron Simental Rodriguez, who is responsible of taking the registration forms from students, explains the importance of this event and the process of voting. He states that this Voter Registration Drive will help students to be familiar with the election process and learn to start participating in the political events.  Also, by being a citizen of United States, participators will be able to exercise their rights to vote and have opportunities to be heard of their opinions. Every vote matters.

The Voter Registration Drive provide students in Rio Hondo convenience to get involved in the political events; however, if anyone does not make it or miss the events, he or she can register to vote alone online at LAVOTE.NET and simply follow the instruction provided on the site. Also, one can still register the vote by filling out a registration form at local LA Country Library by Monday, October 19th.