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Tuitions continue to escalade for students

Tuition prices have skyrocketed over the past ten years. Rio Hondo’s cost per credit hour has increased by about $20 in the last four years. Unfortunately, continuing a college education from Rio Hondo to a UC may just become more expensive in the U.S.

On Nov 7, the University of California presented a plan to increase tuition by five percent annually for the next five years.

The plan aims to compensate for the lack of resources and budget cuts to UCs. According to U.C president Bruce D. Varner and Janet Napolitano, increase in tuition will enable enrollment of “5,000” more students and ensure the universities can “maintain its current financial aid program.”

This plan would increase tuition by about $612 each year until it reaches an estimated $16,000 in 2019.

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The plan, if implemented, will also end the three year tuition freeze Governor Jerry Brown implemented. The deal asked for a tuition freeze on UC tuition in exchange for increase in funding for four years.

Brown opposes the tuition increase and insists on sticking to his plan, which includes more online courses and UC accepting more transfer students from community colleges.

Certain Rio Hondo students thinking about transferring to a UC worry more about affording it than being accepted.

One such student, Andrea Rodriguez, worries even if she is “accepted to a UC” she may consider also applying to a Cal State to keep her financial options “open.”

On the other hand, Rio Hondo student Daniel Bernabe said, “this could only have been thought of as a last resort because UC officials have been pushed to a corner.”

All presidents of the 10 UC campuses also agreed to the plan. Although most would like to avoid tuition increase, the plan is considered unfortunate but necessary.

Other alternatives to tuition increase are being presented. One such option comes from Senate Leader Kevin de Leon.

De Leon proposes that instead of increasing tuition, UC should increase tuition for out of state students. Out of state students would be looking at paying around $37,000 to attend a UC.

Out of state students should be required to “pay the premium” to attend “California’s university system,” De Leon states.

Students who are seeking further information regarding transferring options are advised to contact the Transfer Center located on the second floor of the student success building.

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